Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Welcome to the Fix Blog!

NEWS FLASH: I found funding for the film privately. All who donated will be credited. Thanks so much.
I'm in pre-production on my next film.
The film is called "Fix", and it's based on an extraordinary true and personal story. It's about brothers. It's about drugs. It's about love. It's about Los Angeles. It's a road movie, a documentary, a drama and a comedy. The treatment is posted below.

Screenplay by Tao Ruspoli and Jeremy Fels
Story by Tao Ruspoli and Paul Duran
Produced by Nat Dinga
Starring Shawn Andrews, Olivia Wilde, Megalyn Echikunwoke, and Dedee Pfeiffer

Preliminary mood shots:

Filmmaker’s note: This film is based partly on real events and real people and will be shot entirely first person by the actors in the film using a variety of hi-def, digital and video formats. The filmmakers are the characters in this hybrid narrative/documentary and the finished film will reflect their personal journey with stylized editing, music and direct interviews with the people in the film, all encompassing a single 24-hour period.

This film is the first road movie shot all in one city (Los Angeles, a microcosm of our post-world, is one of the stars of the film, and Leo is a modern day Odysseus, traversing its multiple worlds)

More about Tao Ruspoli, including his work in film, photography and music at


Slow Parade. said...

Dear Tao;
I would really love to contribute, but I don't have my own credit card and I don't enjoy using paypal/sending money online.

is there some sort of mailing address that we can send money to, instead?

please email me if there is:

thank you.
i would love to help.

Steve said...

Cool idea - sounds similar to Spike Lee's 25th Hour with a Tao twist. You could possibly raise money quicker by giving larger donors a stand-in or cameo spot in the movie.

Steve said...

or do an ebay auction with the same idea....

Steve said...

Another idea! How about creating an entire film by casting all the characters using Ebay to bid for each role - that would be a TRIP and you could get great publicity if you did it right!!!

Tao Ruspoli said...

It is illegal by sag rules to auction off roles or let actors pay to be in a film. If I am going to use Olivia and any sag actors, I can't give people roles in exchange for anything.

Louise said...

Hey Tao. I really like your work so I contributed.

Hope your movie is everything you want it to be :)

Mischief is cool! said...
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Jorge Puente said...

Im so helping, I know how hard is raising money to shot shorts or movies.

Bronwen* said...

Thank you for the recognition of my contribution! I will always gladly support amazing talent!

Ventura Films said...
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Tao Ruspoli said...
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Jenelle Ann Wright said...

I want to contribute but I live in the Philippines and I only have cash no checks or credit cards. Can you please tell me a way to send you money to contribute.

You can reach me at:

Thank you,

Jenelle Ann

The adventures of Venus said...

What a beautifull -cool- story! Good luck with money raising and finding the perfect Leo too (sounds like a challenge though).

marie said...

could you send like a money order or hide cash in a card or something?

As im in the uk.

Mo said...

I wish you all the luck in raising the funds you need. I understand how hard it can be to raise money for something because currently I am trying to raise money for (2) charity bike rides I will be taking part in. So unfortunately at this time I can not help, but if I reach my goals for the 2 rides and you are still needing donations then, I will help. Good luck.

Tao Ruspoli said...

you can mail checks to
2114 Narcissus Ct.
Venice, CA 90291


Polia said...

Hi Tao,

This sounds like an amazing idea and to me anything with Olivia in it will be amazing.. So as soon as I can I will make a donation however I can.

Also.. I love the photographs you have used to tell your story.. and the film sounds like it is going ot be really interesting.

I hope you make your target by 07 because I would really love to see the final outcome.

Best of luck all the way from Australia.


(p.s tell Olivia I'm a HUGE fan!)

Polia said...
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Jamieson McGonigle said...

Good luck Tao, just donated. Hope it all works out!

EJ said...

I gave what I could. :) Best of luck with this project! (And everything else too, of course.)

lunar_light said...

Just made my meager Andrew Jackson contribution but I'd also like to post a link on you have any pre-composed code I could embed on Myspace?

Looking fwd to seeing the 'treatment' becoming a film and am intrigued with your financing strategy. Reminds me a bit of the band, The Format, breaking away from their label and releasing their recent album independently this year...and of the Independent film, 'Quality of Life.'

Best of Luck raising $250K!

questoquesto said...

Incredible. I would love to contribute as much as possible. The film industry is tantalizing.

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Ziomal said...

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Gisele said...

Really looking forward to seeing the movie-hope your brother pulled through. Ive watched all that I can of yours online, and will definately donate too.I love that your work is honest, and you are involved with the subject,your art has touched me.Thankyou.

skawars said...

Good luck for raising money!
Pictures are so amazing.

wish you luck!

best Regards

Anonymous said...

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